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Your Destiny is On Order

Most of our childhood imaginations were filled with dreams and visions, some are now distant and others lingered. When I grow up I want, to be..., to own..., to have...., to make.... Fill in the blank.

When I was a girl, I wanted to be a doctor or a background singer. I'll talk about my background singing career another time , but my vision of becoming a doctor, although often spoken, was not self-nutured until years after the dream had been given.

I went to college with immature intent and lack of focus. As an 18 y/o I thought I had it all figured out. Academics was not a struggle so I decided to plan my "fairy-tale." My high-school sweetheart and I decided to get engaged and eventually found ourselves pregnant. We got married and I willingly set aside my dream. I became a cosmetologist, but it was not long until my focus started to develop and a still small voice said, 'It’s Time.' I restarted my journey, but not without obstacles.

The Eve

My marriage was struggling and I had two small children to care for, but I remembered THE VOICE.

I finished undergrad successfully and applied to a program to prepare me for the journey, but only recieved a conditional acceptance, but I remembered THE VOICE.

I was eventually accepted but only could do one year because I didn't qualify for additional educational funds, but I remembered THE VOICE.

I worked for a year as a foster care caseworker, gained acceptance to medical school and failed my 1st year, but I remembered THE VOICE.

I repeated my 1st year successfully and completed my 2nd year but failed my 1st attempt at my 1st board exam, but I remembered THE VOICE

I passed on my second try and went on to complete my third year and 1st half of my 4th year. I was given a failing grade on my subjective senior exam, but I remembered THE VOICE.

I passed on the next try, went on interviews for residency but did not match in a residency at graduation, but I remembered THE VOICE.

The Destiny

Without a job and two children to support, God provided resources and I was able to find a residency the following year. I successfully completed residency and graduated as Chief Resident, followed by Board Certification.

My journey continues and is still being actualized.


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