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Isn’t She Lovely……Isn’t She Destiny

I remember vividly preparing for the birth of my first born, Zakiya. Being a music lover, I decided that I would give my children a theme song and fill the room with that song at the moment of their birth. Zakiya’s theme song was, Stevie Wonder’s, “Isn’t She Lovely,” and yes, she still is.

Mothers and daughters share a special and tricky bond. Women share a special and tricky bond.

Mitochondria is an organelle found in most human cells. Mitochondria is the engine and processor for most cells; it’s the source of power. One unique fact about the DNA of mitochondria is that it is only passed on through the female line. Although mothers can pass to their sons, sons can not pass this mitochondrial DNA to their children.

This all to say, my daughter has the same mitochondrial DNA as I do, my mom, my grandmother, my great-grandmother, my great-great-grandmother, my sisters, my maternal aunts, and so on. In theory all women share a connection of DNA if you believe we all originate from one.

I go back to the special and tricky bond that mothers and daughters share. Many women dream of having a little girl that they can dress up, bond with, do “girly things” with and many times give them the things they didn’t have or dreams they didn’t fulfill. Many can also relate to the Eve, consisting of pre-teen/teen years and the butting of heads between mothers and daughters. The time of growing independence in our cute little girls, and sometime the seemingly intentional defiance of our girls to be nothing like their mothers. 😊 Many moms can identify with feelings of awe, pride and celebrations at the smallest accomplishments mixed with hurt and frustration, ofthe power struggle and the “fairy tales”/wishes not actualized.

If we have gotten through this Eve, many of us realize the strength of our mothers and how in actuality we are her in transmogrified (I couldn’t help myself; Lean on Me reference 😊)/evolved form. We are the very essence of the women who came before. We have their DNA in the energy of our being. Be reminded that you carry Her power, all the back to the original Her. Be reminded that your children will carry your power. Nurture it, Embrace it, Never let it die.

They influenced your destiny, you influence their destiny. We are Destiny!

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