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Even THEIR Destiny is Covered

“He intercedes for me. Protects me from things unseen. Right between God and me, He intercedes for me. He’s standing up for me. For what I shall yet be. Soon the whole world will see, He intercedes for me.” ~ Kirk Franklin

Proudly proclaimed, I am a girl and boy mom but wanted to give focus to being the mother of a young, beautiful, handsome, black man.

For my young children, church was a part of their routine, but because my father was their pastor, at times seemed to be business or a job, even for them. Presentation and representation is important in this realm. It was not until a significant shift in my father’s ministry occurred, that I realized the hand that God had on my son. During the change of ministry, we as a family went a Sunday without going to a church building. My son was no older than 2 or 3 at the time, but on cue and as a reminder from my creator, my son woke up that morning singing and humming. I paid no attention for a couple of hours at what he was particularly singing, but suddenly realized the message he had delivered.

“Glory, glory, hallelujah, since I laid my burdens down. I feel much better since I laid my burdens down.”

In all of the busyness of the business of church, God is still able to reach and call. The awesomeness of him working in a child so young. How could he even know the day was Sunday?

My son has not gone through his childhood, adolescent and teen years without creating some heartache for me. He was, as my children are, determined to exert his independence, sometimes defiant and resistant to wisdom, intent on letting me know that he knew best. Don’t get me wrong, I count myself a mom of a mama’s boy who loves to let me know he loves me, but call it hormones or peer pressure, at times his direction and focus suffered.

I often become inpatient and anxious for his destiny and purpose to be revealed, as I watch him navigate young adulthood. But Kirk Franklin reminds me that he is covered for what my son shall yet be. This is the creator’s promise and it gives me peace.

One of my children’s songs to me is Kanye West, “Hey Mama”

This past weekend I attended the homegoing for my cousin’s mother. As if on cue, “Hey Mama” played as we pulled up to the funeral home.

“Hey Mama, I wanna scream so loud for you, cause I’m so proud of you, let me tell you what I’m about to do. Hey Mam, I know I act a fool but, I promise you I’m going back to school, I appreciate what you allowed for me, I just want you to be proud of me”

As we approached, I couldn’t help but think of and be encouraged through my cousin. A man of faith, with the biggest heart and love for people, unapologetically a mama’s boy who honored his mom in life by living his purpose and vision. I am quite sure his mom could tell some stories of fearful and tearful times when dealing with her son, but I know that she was well pleased in the man he is.

The Eve: Patiently waiting. Trusting the Creator’s control and management.

The Destiny: Watching the evolution of their purpose; Celebrating the reveal.

He’s standing up for them, for what they shall yet be. Queens, as you have poured your soul and wisdom into your children, know that they are covered beyond your ability. Our timeline is not His. Trust.

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