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Our Team: Meet the Team

Safiya McNeese-Ruffin, MD

Founder & CEO

Safiya McNeese-Ruffin, MD, Founder and CEO wears/has worn several hats and carries/has carried several titles in community and career; Physician, Chief Resident, President(s), PK (preachers kid), Lieutenant, Program Director, minister, top of class, stylist, counselor, mentor, wife, ex-wife, mom, bonus mom, daughter, sister, Ti-Ti (aunt).  Well earned, Safiya, understands that many of her accomplishments, joys  and accolades did not come without lessons, hardships and sacrifice.  Endurance through some of life’s challenging “eves”; divorce, single parenthood, career changes and setbacks, strained parent-child relationships, sexual exploitations, unhealthy relationships, misguidance, slander, and low-self esteem, provided for the strength to overcome shame and voices of opposition. 

Revelation of the purpose of ALL of life experiences have uniquely positioned Safiya’s heart and spirit in a place to birth EVE’S DESTINY.

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