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Foundational Statement 

Biblical Eve was created to help Adam realize his purpose, to provide companionship, to give birth to and
nurture their progeny, and to provide solace and sanctuary over the years. By this design woman is God’s
greatest asset to mankind.
Nevertheless, with all this queendom, Eve was persuaded by the serpent, representing the voices and
circumstances of opposition to God's instruction. Subsequently Eve went against her creator's plan, leading
her to be unsure and ashamed of her being. But the creator, who set forth Eve’s destiny from the beginning,
chastened and taught her, restoring her and her female descendants.
We are Eve's destiny!
"Eve ” represents the period before an event, often a time of significant development. Every woman’s life has
its own “eve or eves"– a series of experiences that shape and mold her; the journey before a true calling and
purpose are realized.
Embrace your inheritance as Eve's destiny. Embrace the eve(s) before your Destiny. Celebrate your
perseverance through hardships and all the accomplishments that come from it.
Women of the world: Be transformed!
We are eve’s Destiny!

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